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Aesthetically and Energetically: Floral Healing Master-Course

Aesthetically and Energetically: Floral Healing Master-Course

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15 Minute Consultation

This is the floristry course of all courses. We have done the research. We have practiced intentionally and mindfully to devise the perfect balance of combining the floral and wellness industry and our master-course is finally here. Are you ready to be a certified Floral Energy Specialist? 

This course is for those who want to incorporate floral healing not only into their daily lives but in the lives of their clients. This self paced course details how to incorporate floral and herbal elements for healing emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. We created this course not only for those who want to be certified in mindful floral design and incorporation, whether you are coming into the floral industry or changing your role/how you design and serve your clients; but for those who are yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, breath-work coaches, life coaches, and many other healers and energy specialists to seamlessly include our practices in your current offerings.

What will you learn [self-paced learning, that can be done in 2 Weeks or less]

-Ancient practices and techniques of Ancient civilizations 

-How flowers can enhance facilities and spaces for healing and restoration

-Overview and introduction to healing modalities such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath-work and more

-Mindful floral design

-How to create intentional spaces

-Flower math and pricing strategies

-Overview of Flower Essences 

-Overview of Frequencies and how to leverage them when facilitating spaces with your clients and personal work

-How to pair crystals and flowers together for highest alignment for Chakra Work

-Overview of the Chakra System

-Overview of Color Theory, Chromotherapy, and Color Alignment

-Understanding of the impacts florals have on the Limbic System

-Understanding of the impacts breath-work has on the Nervous System

-Choosing your healing modality

-How to create and hold spaces for yourself and clients

and more.

Should you have any questions on this course, please email to schedule your complimentary 15 minute Zoom call to understand if this course is suitable and in alignment for you.

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