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Flowers are magic, medicine, vibrational energy, and healers.

CONTAINED STEMS takes pride in offering stellar customer care services, intentional ingredients, and purposeful designs. We're on a mission to share our love of flowers and their benefits with as many humans as possible.

Every one of our designs features the best of the season and focuses on sourcing ethically-grown flowers, herbs, foliage, and textures from vendors both locally and globally. We offer designs that are intended to enhance your mood, balance your chakras, have healing energies, and a DIY carton for you to nurture your creativity.

No matter what you select, you will have a stunning arrangement perfect for any occasion. Beyond our designs, we offer experiences from floral wellness workshops, intentional dinners, breathwork, and high vibe art sessions that enhance your emotional and mental well-being.

We understand ordering flowers can feel totally overwhelming. CONTAINED STEMS is happy to assist you through the process.

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Contained Stems


Hi, I'm Bee: Creative Director and Founder of CONTAINED STEMS, and Certified Breath-work Coach. In addition to operating Contained Stems, I am an Executive Contributor and Thought Leader with Brainz Magazine. 

Inspiration is everywhere. I am the first Floral Wellness Designer in the world, poet, yogini, meditator and overall wellness advocate. Expect an enjoyable journey towards fulfillment as you learn about our brand, the basics. and benefits of flowers, beyond aesthetics. 

After being furloughed from my corporate career, I turned to intentional practices with flowers that relieved the anxiety, depression, grief, and imposter syndrome I felt at the time. I knew I could heal my mind, body, and spirit by leveraging nature's resources. I am blessed and grateful to be able to educate my clients on the science, philosophies, and properties of flowers that transform spaces aesthetically and energetically. 

Thank you for being a part of our community, loved one. I am honored to be your guide.

All my love, 


Be sure to check out my featured articles in Brainz Magazine! I am sharing all things flowers with benefits and honoring our life force!