Floral Wellness Bar For Hire

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Floral Wellness Bar

Hire Contained Stems

An Immersive, Educational, Fun, and Beautiful Experience 

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Share your date, location, guest estimate, and what type of energy you'd like to feel for the space

Mood Board
We will create your mood board for your event based on your consultation 
We are available to hire for travel should the event be outside of the DFW area, just let us know in your consultation 
We will set up and serve your guests with our flowers, herbs, crystals, and flower essence pairings

Floral Wellness Bar

Perfect for providing a unique gifts to guests, adding to your Corporate Wellness Initiatives, baby showers, bridal showers, events, or intimate parties, this interactive journey allows clients to select stems based on their emotional and mental well-being needs along with crystals and/or flower essence pairings to amplify the overall energy or intention. Our knowledgeable team guides them to make mindful choices based on how they're feeling.

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