Breathwork Reimagined

Breathe With Bee

Experience: Self-Discovery ~ Exploration ~ Expression ~ Reflection

What is Breath-Work?

  • Breath-work is the intentional use of our breath used to shift our energies, mood, and beings.

  • Breath-work can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, increase energy, and improve sleep patterns.

  • Breath-work is a journey of self-discovery, exploration, expression, and reflection.

Breath-Work Facts

  • We breathe 25K-30K times a day
  • We release 70% of toxins through our breath
  • Majority of people have breathing dysfunctions
  • Western medicine says we only use 10% of both our brain and breath capacity

Meet Your Breath-Work Coach

Hi loved ones! I'm Brittney, but you can call me "Bee". I am a Certified Breath-Work Coach who has completed 25-hours of monitored training accredited by the Yoga Alliance with the Whole Health Project Co. along with 10 additional hours as a Certified Trauma Awareness Facilitator. Along with immense personal practices and teachings, I am equipped to guide you through your breath-work practices, experiences, and journey to become more aware, relieved from mental imbalances, centered, and focused. Breathwork is a powerful tool that can be used for manifestations and birthing life. I am here to hold you in this vision through guided practices, reflective journaling, and meditation with visualization. The results from consistent breath-work practices are impactful, healing, and life-changing.

    I can't wait for us to heal together!

Ready To Begin Your Journey?

Breathwork Reimagined

Current Public Breath-Work Series

Join us at TruFusion Dallas on May 25th for a Soul Flow. In this workshop, participants will be guided by TruFusion's Yoga Instructor, Sami, through different postures while our founder, Bee, explores the different breathwork practices that correlate to the postures. Participants can expect 40 minutes of yoga flow and breathwork, 10 minutes of guided sensory floral meditation with floral elements, and 10 minutes journaling. This flow is suitable for all levels and is designed for participants to really feel into their bodies through their breath. Breathing through our complete yogic chamber [stomach, ribs, and chests] allows us to have fluidity with any healing modality that we practice and provides tools for when we experience stressors in daily life. Journals will be provided for this practice.


TruFusion: 9100 N Central Expy Suite 116, Dallas, TX 75231

Date: May 25, 2024

Time: 9AM-10AM

Guided by Sami of TruFusion + Bee of Contained Stems

Breathwork For Manifestation - Launching  6.01.24

Did you know breathwork is a means of birthing life? When we think of the practice of Lamaze, it is [breathwork] to prepare for birth. This doesn't only have to apply to women who are pregnant, this is a practice that can be coupled with meditations. visualizations, writing, and verbalizing your dreams and desires into reality. I will only be holding space for 8 clients in this container each quarter for this powerful activation. To join the June container, kindly email to set up a discovery call to learn more of your desires and ensure we are in alignment to birth life, together. This container is open to all virtually, with options for local engagements in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Questions? We're Here To Help

1. How far in advance should I book a session?

We recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

2. How do I book?

You may book by purchasing the session of your choice and then emailing Bee to request an appointment date and time. Kindly have 2-3 alternate dates should the one you request not be available. 

3. How are virtual sessions conducted?

We use Google Meet to conduct virtual sessions. Virtual sessions include guiding practices, recap of session + slides, comfort essential tools + recommendations, and playlist.

4. Where are in-person sessions conducted?

DFW clients have a choice between mindful walking sessions, breath in the park sessions, and in-client home sessions. Session will include a recap of breathing exercises, journal prompts, and playlist.

5. How can my company or group of 20+ employees book?

Please email for larger bookings and/or questions.

6. Can Bee be hired for travel, retreats, etc.?

Yes! Please email for travel questions and hiring.

7. Important note beginning June 1, 2024:

Beginning June 1, 2024, Bee will only be accepting 15 clients/quarter to hold space for your breathwork goals designed for manifesting. Please email to be sent additional information, set up a discovery call, and secure your space.