Dallas-Fort Worth Plant Delivery

The Greener Life

We heard you liked the greener things in life.

Not to worry...we do too.

Indulge in our new specialty offerings for houseplants for delivery within the DFW area and the 48 States within the Mainland.

All House Plants 

Your Oasis Awaits:
More freshness, purifying oxygen, and healing delivered right to your door
- 400000 %
Syngonium Strawberry
- 300000 %
Succulent 'Elephant Bush'
- 300000 %
Spider Plant Reverse
- 450000 %
Aloe Vera
- 300000 %
Peperomia 'Marble'
- 300000 %
Hoya Rope Plant
- 250000 %
Philodendron Hederaceum 'Brasil'
- 350000 %
Parlor Palm
- 300000 %
Hypoestes 'Polka Dot'
- 450000 %
Philodendron 'Velvet'

We Are Here To Help

Dallas Fort-Worth Plant Delivery


Where Do You Source Your Plants From?

Our plants are USA sourced from greenhouses in, Texas, California and Florida.

Can You Source Plants Outside Of What's On Your Website?

Yes, please email support@containedstems.com for any requests and we will check with our vendors to see what's available. 

Are Your Plants Available For Local Or Same Day Delivery?

Our plants are available for local and/or same day delivery, simply contact us at our studio at support@containedstems.com or 702-246-2633 to confirm what we have on-hand and we will email you your invoice.

Are Your Plants Available For Delivery Outside Of The DFW Area?

Absolutely, you may purchase our plants for delivery directly to your door.

What Courier Is Used To Ship Your Plants?

Our plants are shipped via FedEx, UPS, and USPS determined by the most cost effective and fastest way for you to receive your items!