Floral Design Workshops 

Dallas-Fort Worth

Not your typical floral design workshop. Experience enjoyment, fulfillment, and design at one of our innovative floral wellness workshops in Dallas-Forth Worth


Floral Design Workshops Dallas-Fort Worth

Floral design workshops in Dallas-Fort Worth are an incredible way to explore your creative instincts and learn the fundamentals of floristry.

TEACH LOVE is the Floral Wellness workshop addition to CONTAINED STEMS that teaches flower arranging, meditation, breathwork, and community-building exercises. TEACH LOVE is perfect for schools, organizations, corporations, group events, bridal showers, baby showers, community events, and gatherings.

During the workshop, participants will begin with breathwork exercises, followed by floral design that includes intentional ingredients and a container to take home, and concluding in meditation with the designs you have created.

For refreshments TEACH LOVE will offer choices of sparkling water, pressed juices, hot teas, and may include mocktails with flower essences as an additonal add-on.


TEACH LOVE is a wonderful safe space, to explore, create, decompress, and build community.

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A New Outlook On Floristry

How Floral Wellness Workshops Work

Choose Your Date

Contact CONTAINED STEMS to request the date for your event:



CONTAINED STEMS will lead your group through breathwork exercises after welcoming everyone into the space.

Floral Design

CONTAINED STEMS will guide your group through arranging your designs and encourage your creativity to soar.


The workshop will conclude with meditation music or a guided practice including the designs you have created

Floral Workshop

Floral Design Workshops Dallas-Fort Worth


    Our workshops are perfect for new and intermediate designers and a great way to learn the fundamental mechanics and color theory of floristry. Participants will also learn wellness techniques to incorporate into your daily life.


    Ready to relax, decompress, and relieve stress and/or anxiety? Our workshops are a safe space to be your true self and release any stressors.

    Flowers are a great way to build more intimate connections that leads us to community. Our workshops set the tone for community.


Current Public Workshops

Public Workshops are held in person- quarterly to highlight how we can nurture ourselves by what's blooming in nature during a specific season. Check back for Summer!

Private Floral Wellness Workshops 

Same fulfilling experience, personalized for you and your loved ones. 

Simply email support@containedstems.com for your consultation to book your requested date, time, venue, city, and state.