We have an eye for flowers and plants in spaces.

Needing assistance on where and how to arrange your

flowers and plants in your home? 

We're here to make it easy on you, and help bring your vision to life

 in only a few simple steps.

Intentional Spaces By Contained Stems


Aesthetically and Energetically  

Intentional Design In Three Simple Steps


Email to request Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems services, detailing the information on your space and what you'd like to achieve aesthetically and energetically.


Once the details have been received, Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems will review your request, confirm the ingredients and palette needed to achieve your vision, send your quotation, and set up a virtual or in-person intentional design session.


Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems will assist in designing your space virtually or in-person after your ingredients have been received! 

Comfort Essentials in the comfort of your own space.

We love flowers and plants, but understand most don't know where or how to place them when they receive them. We're highly skilled to implement your intentional design concept to enhance your space aesthetically and energetically. 

We want to help you receive all of the benefits from your Contained Stems cartons, but also have some recommendations on comfort essentials for you to receive the highest vibrations in your space.

Have questions? Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems?

Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems is available for hire for both residential and commercial spaces.

What is the price point of Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems?

The price point of the intentional design service will depend on the capacity of the request [i.e. time], location, and intentional ingredients sourced by Contained Stems. 
How does Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems work virtually?

Should a client request a virtual appointment, the client will still receive the benefits and information from the consultation, the intentional ingredients with comfort essentials to be used in the space, a specially curated design plan for the space, and a personalized virtual implementation.

What are some comfort essentials Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems uses?

By now, we're sure you're aware we believe in enhancing spaces with flowers and plants; however, we will also source intentional decor items and comfort essentials, including but not limited to: salt lamps, diffusers, essential oils, flower essences, sage, and crystals depending on the client's aesthetic and energetic preference to create their sacred space.

Intentional Spaces by Contained Stems

Ready To Enhance Your Space Aesthetically And Energetically?