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Contained Stems

Private Dinner + Intentional Ceremony

Private Dinner + Intentional Ceremony

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In The Image Of Your Highest Self was created as the next evolution towards holistic wellness, expanding our brand to encompass mindful socializing, recognizing the importance of communal connection in mental health. It is important for me to have a space where my clients receive all that I offer with Contained Stems. In my opinion, there are two things that bring us together: food and music. This is a space where we create love, fulfill our dreams, and build long-lasting connections. A space where we can come dressed and act in our highest and most favorite versions of ourselves. This is for those who want to contribute to the space as much as they receive from it. This is for those who may not be excited by clubs and lounges any longer and have a different set of priorities. This inclusive approach fosters social cohesion and provides a supportive environment for post-pandemic anxiety alleviation.

What to Expect: This is an Intentional Ceremony+ Private Dinner Experience


~ Breathwork [for grounding- relieving anxiety + regulating the nervous system] + Cacao [ A sacred fruit + heart opener]


~ Three-Course Chef Prepared Dinner - Highlighting the tastes of the season

~ Non- alcoholic libations


~ Community building, connection, networking, mindful socializing

Where: Body Jam Essentials - 500 Singleton Blvd Unit 1115, Dallas, TX 75212


This event is 21+

As this is a Summer Solstice themed event- we ask that our beautiful guests come dressed In The Image Of Your Highest in palettes of yellow, red, fuchsia, purples, oranges, + pinks. [Think the setting of the sun].

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