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Breathing and Healing - The Milieu : Comfort Essentials

Breathing and Healing - The Milieu : Comfort Essentials

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Beginning in October, we invite you to join Breathing and Healing- The Milieu, a virtual comfort corner and social environment for twelve months. During this time, we will be exploring different breathing techniques with a breath focus for the month, a themed conversational topic, and cultivating community with love.

Join us virtually via Zoom as we reimagine breath~work and provide resources you can use in your daily life for:

  • Stress, anxiety, & depression relief
  • Improvements for posture
  • Improvement for sleep
  • Improvements for mood
  • Improvements for overall well~being

Your social environment is something you should invest in. We want to help cultivate your space with love, like~minded individuals on the same journey as you, and provide comfort essentials to elevate your space and energy while you practice.

Meet Twice Monthly and have the comfort essentials we feel best enhance the energy of your space:

Comfort Essentials:

  • Breathing Fundamentals PLUS
  • Space Cleanser
  • Sensory Element
  • Flower Essence that aligns with monthly theme
  • Fresh Flowers & Crystal pairing
      •  $160

~Comfort Essentials Add Care Package Must Be Purchased In Advance, Prior To The Week Before The Scheduled Session Begins As The Offerings Will Change Month To Month. The Comfort Essentials Care Package Covers The Two Sessions For The Month.

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