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Breathing and Healing- The Milieu : Breathing Fundamentals

Breathing and Healing- The Milieu : Breathing Fundamentals

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Beginning in October, we invite you to join Breathing and Healing- The Milieu, a virtual comfort corner and social environment for twelve months. During this time, we will be exploring different breathing techniques with a breath focus for the month, a themed conversational topic, and cultivating community with love.

Join us virtually via Zoom as we reimagine breath~work and provide resources you can use in your daily life for:

  • Stress, anxiety, & depression relief
  • Improvements for posture
  • Improvement for sleep
  • Improvements for mood
  • Improvements for overall well~being

Your social environment is something you should invest in. We want to help cultivate your space with love, like~minded individuals on the same journey as you, and provide comfort essentials to elevate your space and energy while you practice.

Breathing Fundamentals:

Join us virtually twice each month for:

  • Breath~work focus
  • Monthly conversational topic and reflection
  • Access to recording if you can’t make the session and/or for review and recap of your progress along your journey
      • $40 [Two Sessions Monthly]
      • $20 [Session]
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